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Wayfair Furniture

You may not always notice it, you may even take it for granted, but furniture is an integral part of our lives. We use it every single day in our homes, our workplaces. You'll find it in restaurants and pubs, in hotels, even when out buying shoes. We all need somewhere to sit, a place to eat and a bed in which to sleep.

So when it comes to buying furniture, the first company we think of is IKEA. They are undoubtedly the most well known furniture company in the world. They have an extensive range of choice and prices to suit all budgets, however, they are known for their sleek Scandinavian style which will appeal to a lot of people, but not everyone. When it comes to choosing items of furniture for our home we often want it to be as individual as we are. We want it to match our style and our décor. It needs to look good in its environment, it needs to be the correct colour, size and material.

So what if you want something a little different to the 'norm'? What if you want an item of furniture that is as individual as you are? An item that stands out from the crowd?

Wayfair may have the answer. They are one of the largest online furniture retailers in the UK and they have thousands of items of furniture from many different designers and manufacturers. Lets find out some more about what they offer their customers.

About Wayfair:

Wayfair was set up in 2002 by two high school friends, Steve Conine and Niraj Shah. Wayfair is the the largest ecommerce furniture retailer in the UK and they sell to countries across the globe.

They sell everything from beds to radiator covers from a large range of different manufacturers. They even sell hamster cages and chicken coops! In fact, Wayfair offers over 18 million products, think of them as an online department store.

Furniture choice:

Unlike other furniture brands such as IKEA who design and manufacture their furniture in house and have their own style, Wayfair sells furniture which has been designed and produced by many different manufactures. Because of this, they are able to offer their customers an extremely large number of items in a broad range of styles. You're sure to find something to suit your taste!


When it comes to flat pack furniture, quality is key. Be warned, if you buy a cheap, poor quality item be prepared for a poor quality finish and poor quality fixings and materials. Because they sell items of furniture from a wide selection of manufacturers, Wayfair cannot always guarantee the quality of each and every product that they sell, unlike other big brands such as IKEA who design and manufacture all their products in house. However, we have assembled a lot of flat pack furniture from Wayfair and the vast amount of what they sell is very good quality.


Wayfair is an amalgamation of many designers and sellers. Because of this prices can range quite considerably. With this in mind, if you choose a designer product be prepared to pay a premium. You may also find that multiple sellers with are selling the same item at differing prices so choose wisely.

Will the furniture arrive flat packed?

Like most furniture retailers these days, the vast majority of the furniture Wayfair sells is flat packed and will need to be assembled when it arrives. We know that many of you hate having to assemble flat pack furniture but furniture that is flat packed takes up less space compared to fully assembled items. This cuts manufacturing, storage and delivery costs and these savings are then passed on to you, the customer.

Furniture assembly instructions:

Instructions can either help or hinder your flat pack assembly project. Some are extremely detailed and guide you through each and every step. Others can be as basic as a solitary exploded diagram, which may be fine for a small set of shelves, but not so good for a complex sliding door wardrobe! If you find that you are having trouble following a poor set of instructions A.M Flat Pack can help.

Does Wayfair have a physical store?

In a word, no. They have one physical store but that's in Massachusetts, USA. Wayfair operate purely as an online retailer in the UK and have no physical stores that you can visit which means you are unable to see, touch and feel the quality or even tell the exact colour of a piece of furniture before you purchase it. However, this does mean that they are able to have an extremely large catalogue of products, giving their customers a huge choice of furniture.


So the item has arrived, but you decide that it's not required and you want to return it. Obviously you won't be able to return it to a store, but you can arrange for it to be collected and returned to Wayfair. You have 30 days to return any goods but you will have to pay the return delivery costs.

Why choose Wayfair?

In short, Wayfair offer an extensive range of good quality products in many different styles from a range of manufactures at varying price ranges. They have something for everyone. Their website is easy to navigate and they have a massive range of items all in one place. There is even a section that gives you style ideas for every room in your house. we are sure you'll find something perfect for your home.

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