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Ikea Pax time-lapse

Imagine your perfect wardrobe. It has all the storage you could ever need. It will probably be built-in, made to measure, luxurious perfection. But then you find out that it comes with a super hefty price tag.

Well, don't give up on your perfect wardrobe. We at A.M Flat Pack believe you can have a luxurious, stylish and spacious wardrobe without the huge price tag. And what's best is you can personalise the design to suit your needs and tastes. We love the versatility and range of options available from Ikea Pax/ Komplement range. Also, in comparison to custom built wardrobes they are extremely good value for money.

The versatility, choice of colours and designs, range of accessories and price make these wardrobes extremely popular. That's why in 2023 alone we assembled over 100 Pax wardrobes, each one unique to the customers' requirements.

We love that each wardrobe is different from the last and we take pride in assembling them so they are just right for our customers. We therefore decided that it was time to create a short time-lapse video showing the assembly of a Pax wardrobe from start to finish.

The wardrobe in this time-lapse uses the white oak frames and internal accessories, along with grey Komplement hanging rails and a combination of a mirror and gloss white doors.

The Room

The space earmarked for the wardrobe was large enough for a combined total wardrobe width of 250cm consisting of two 100cm wide frames and one 50cm wide frame. The ceiling height was just high enough for us to assemble the taller 236.4cm frames which allowed the customer to use every inch of space available. The Pax frames are available in 58cm and 35cm depths and there was enough space to use the deeper, 58cm frame as well as using hinged opening doors. If space was at a premium, the customer could have chose sliding doors instead.

The Design

With all this in mind, the customer was able to design their perfect wardrobe in Ikeas very own Pax Planner. The Pax Planner allows you to visualise your personalised design on screen and make any changes required before purchasing your new wardrobe.

Every Pax / Komplement wardrobe frame and all accessories come with their own instruction manual and all the fixings required to create your dream wardrobe. Fixings for securing the wardrobe to the wall will be required and should be chosen to best suit the type of wall that the wardrobe will be fixed to.

The Assembly

We began the process by assembling the three carcasses and fixing them together to create one 2.5m frame. Each carcass consists of two side panels, a top, bottom, two plinths and a back panel. Each frame is fixed together using dowels, cam screws and a cam. The back panel is nailed to the rear of the carcass. Due to the limited ceiling height we had to assemble these in an upright position, although it is possible to assemble them on the floor and lift them up into position if the ceiling height allows. Ceiling height clearance. Due to the limited ceiling height, there is no risk of the wardrobes toppling, but we still opted to secure them to the wall as this helps to steady the wardrobe which minimises any wobbling and will in turn help to decrease fatigue in the frame and increase the life expectancy of the wardrobes.

We then assembled and fitted the internal accessories from the Komplement range. We made sure to note the location of the door hinges so that items such as shelves, drawers and pull-out trays would not be obstructed by them once the doors were fitted.


As you can see from the video, for the frame on the right we installed one large drawer above a pull out tray and combined this with shelves and a hanging rail above. We mirrored the top shelves and hanging rail in the other two frames, and fitted a divider to the middle 100cm frame. This allowed us to fit one 50cm wide pull out tray and three 50cm wide drawers within a 100cm wide frame. The divider is great is you require drawers, but still need a section for hanging long items of clothing such as dresses.

Once the internal items were installed we turned our attention to the doors. These come with soft close hinges and we fitted all the doors before aligning them. Finally, we marked up and drilled holes before fitting the door handles.

How Long?

The assembly of a wardrobe with this layout takes us approximately half a day to complete.

Below is a list of all the items that went into creating this wardrobe or you can design your very own, custom wardrobe with the help of Ikea's Pax planner:

2x PAX wardrobe frame - 100x58x236 cm white stained oak effect Article no: 301.839.89 

1x PAX wardrobe frame - 50x58x236 cm white stained oak effect Article no: 901.839.91

1x KOMPLEMENT divider for frames - 75-100x58 cm white stained oak effect Article no: 202.464.02 

1x KOMPLEMENT pull-out tray - 50x58 cm white stained oak effect Article no: 002.463.56 

3x KOMPLEMENT drawer - 50x58 cm white stained oak effect Article no: 502.463.06 

1x KOMPLEMENT pull-out tray - 100x58 cm white stained oak effect Article no: 302.463.88 

1x KOMPLEMENT drawer - 100x58 cm white stained oak effect Article no: 702.463.48 

5x KOMPLEMENT shelf - 100x58 cm white stained oak effect Article no: 102.779.84 

2x KOMPLEMENT shelf - 50x58 cm white stained oak effect Article no: 702.779.81 

2x KOMPLEMENT clothes rail - 100 cm dark grey Article no: 802.569.40 

1x KOMPLEMENT clothes rail - 50 cm dark grey Article no: 402.569.42 

4x Fardal door - 50x229 cm high-gloss white Article no: 801.905.29 

1x Åheim door - 50x229 cm mirror glass Article no: 804.100.55 

5x KOMPLEMENT soft closing hinge Article no: 302.145.04 

2x Tyda handle - 330 mm stainless steel Article no: 501.139.19 

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