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Dave and Daisy, Homeless in Bristol.

Dave was an ordinary 50 year old guy who was unfortunate enough to find himself sleeping rough. He was originally from London, but moved away due to a break up from a long term relationship and found himself in Bristol. He had been living rough on the streets of Bristol with his companion and best friend, Daisy, for over three years.


I was originally introduced to him by my wife who saw him each morning in Bristol City centre when she was on her way to work. He was a kind, well mannered man who loved to watch the football and he would always greet me with a smile when I saw him but both he and I knew that he had been let down by the system along with hundreds of others in his situation. All he owned were the clothes on his back and what he could carry. He shouldn't have been sleeping rough on the streets, especially at 50 years of age!

In 2017 a Go Fund Me page was set up by a lovely lady called Rosie. After seeing him on the way into work each morning, she set up this crowd funding page so that Dave could buy provisions and pay for a hostel where he and Daisy had somewhere to shelter at night. However, Rosie moved away from Bristol so my wife took over from her and set up a new Go Fund Me page where the proceeds would go directly to Dave. Dave was always so very grateful for any and all donations (no matter how small) to help him buy food and pay for a roof over both his and Daisy's head until he was eventually re-homed by the council.

Tragically in 2018 Daisy passed away. This left Dave heartbroken and without his best friend.

Since Daisy passed away a lot of things happened and Dave was rehoused with the help of a government backed initiative called SIB (Social Impact Bond) who help older and more vulnerable people living on the streets. 

Sadly, Dave passed away in July 2019 at the age of 51. Time spent living on the streets and the loss of his best friend, Daisy, had obviously took their toll on him. 

His funeral was held early in August and there were many people there. He had a great number of friends and obviously touched the hearts of so many people. 

A charity that was very dear to Dave was Street Vet. These vets give up their free time to visit homeless people living rough on the streets of Bristol with their pets. They do health check-ups on these four legged companions and can administer medication if necessary.

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