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Tips when visiting IKEA – in store and online

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Don't head straight in

Take a minute at the entrance to grab all the items you will need to help you choose your new items of furniture. Here you will find, pencils, paper, tape measures and catalogues. Don't worry if you miss them, more can be found along the way.

Delivery Service

Don't struggle to cram everything you have just purchased into your car. Obviously, most of the products sold by IKEA are flat packed so they will fit in your car easily. However, if you have bought a number of goods or very large items such as wardrobes, IKEA offer a delivery service which starts from just £39 for larger items.

Rent a Van

IKEA has teamed up with Hertz 24/7 so that you can conveniently hire a van from the store. They cost from £13 per hour or from £40 per day plus the cost of fuel. IKEA Family members get a discount: £10 per hour (minimum of two hours) or £30 per day plus the cost of fuel. This offer is only available in store.

Free tea and coffee

If you are an IKEA Family member then you can grab a free tea or coffee when you visit.

Returns policy

IKEA have a great returns policy which lasts for a whole year! Simply return your item as new in an unused condition for a full refund.

Don't do the hard work

Once you have purchased your goods and got them home, the last thing you want to do is stress about building them and ultimately arguing with your partner about which piece goes where. Maintain your family harmony and get us to take on the stress of assembling your new furniture for you. Contact us for a free quote.

Removal and recycling

IKEA offer to collect your old bed, mattress, sofa or appliance when they deliver your new item for a small non-profit fee. This offer is only available in store. Find out more about it here.

Product recalls

Keep up to date with IKEA's product recalls. Check them out here.

Replacement parts sent to you

If you find you're missing parts, or need some spares then IKEA will happily send you out some more. Simply fill out a spare parts request form here. You will need the part number which can be found in the assembly guide. If you don't have your assembly guide, then you can download a copy from the product description page on IKEA's website.

Quiet store times

IKEA can be a very busy place to visit, even on a weekday. Take advantage of Googles Popular Times feature to see when the quiet periods are. Just search for your local IKEA store on Google to see what days and times are the quietest.

IKEA Place

This app allows you to try before you buy. It is a virtual reality app which will allows you to visualise what the furniture will look like in your home before you buy it. You can download it from the Play store.

Save time in store

If you are short on time but know exactly what you want to buy in store this tip is for you. Simply find the product you want to buy on the IKEA website and click on 'Product availability'. Here you will find the Aisle and shelf location for the item at your chosen store. Head straight for the market hall and collect your items in record time.

Get discounts

All you need is an IKEA Family membership card. Anyone can have one. Sign up to get discounts on furniture, food and services. You can receive and extra 10% off sale items if you have a Family member card.

Bargain corner

This ever changing part of the store is where items with slight damage or shop floor models can be purchased at a discounted price. They even come with the same guarantees as new items. They are updated daily and can only be found in store.

Product insurance for your drive home

When you purchase your items in store remember to scan your Family membership card. This automatically gives you free product insurance against accidental damage on your way home and during assembly. You will need your Family card and receipt to make a claim. This excludes bargain corner.

Blue Bag

Don't forget to grab yourself an IKEA blue bag when your at the checkout. They are robust and reusable.

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