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Revamp your IKEA PAX wardrobes

So you're thinking of revamping your bedroom? A quick lick of paint, a newly laid carpet, fresh new curtains and a matching duvet cover. However, your IKEA PAX wardrobe is the wrong colour or it just won't match the style of the room anymore.

Obviously, you could replace the wardrobe but what if there is nothing wrong with it apart from it looking a little tired or not matching your new décor.

You could throw it away but the frame may still be solid and there's nothing wrong with the internal accessories such as the hanging rails and drawers. That would be such waste and just think of the environment. You could dismantle it and sell it on a local selling site, but that is a lot of effort.

Which ever option you choose, you will have to buy a new wardrobe and this could cost a considerable amount of money and will possibly cause you a lot of stress when you have to build assemble it.

If you have an IKEA PAX wardrobe there is another option. Replacement doors. The PAX wardrobe system is made up of multiple components which can be purchased separately. So instead of replacing the whole wardrobe, you can just buy replacement doors to match your new room which is much cheaper and a whole lot easier.

Ikea have plenty of options so you're sure to find a style to match your freshly decorated room. You could even change you doors from hinged to sliding doors. Or if you already have the four panel sliding doors you can replace just the panels.

Maybe you fancy a different colour in the same style door or something completely different like the Marnadal door or even a mirror door like the Vikedal. There are lots of choices for both hinged or sliding door styles.

Take a look at IKEA's website or check out some of their door options below. We have added helpful links to each of the doors pictured. Simply click on an image and you'll be redirected to the corresponding IKEA page. Don't forget, we're here if you need a helping hand to replace your doors.

Hinge door styles:

IKEA Bergsbo doors
IKEA Fardal doors
IKEA Forsand doors
IKEA Marnadal pattern door
IKEA Vikedal mirror door

Sliding door styles:

IKEA Auli mirror door panels
Bjornoya sliding door panels
IKEA Fjellhamar bamboo style sliding door panels
Mehamn and Hokksund colouerd panels
IKEA Tjorhom gloss beveled panels

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1 Comment

Jun 09, 2021

Man, your channel is saving my days right now!!! Best man ever :) One question: Do you have a video on how to change just the pannels in a sliding door? I want to do exactly what you are describing above, but I want to do it with as litte hassle as possible ;) Cheerio from Germany and thanks again!

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