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Expert tips to assembling your flat pack furniture.

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Check The boxes

Begin by checking that you have all the boxes you need. The boxes are usually numbered 1 of 2, 2 of 2 or however many boxes there are. If all the boxes are there its time to check for any damage to the outside of the boxes.

You may have had the items delivered or collected them from the store yourself, either way it is best to check that they have not been damaged in transit. If the boxes are not dented or torn then its time to unpack.

Check the parts

Carefully open the boxes and take out the instruction manual. Lay out each part, marking them off in the instruction manual as you go. This also applies for all the screws and fixings. Put the screws and fixings somewhere where they are not going to get lost or stood on. It is also a good idea at this point to look over each part for damage. The last thing you want is to get half way through the build only to find there is a part missing or damaged, leaving you with a part-built item of furniture in the middle of your room.

Have the correct tools

At the front of the instruction manual it should tell you what tools are required to build your new piece of furniture. Make sure you have these to hand before starting work. These tools usually include and screwdrivers (including cross head and flat head), a hammer, tape measure and Allen keys.

Make space

Make sure you have plenty of space to build your new furniture. Don't forget you will need enough space for the item of furniture, tools, parts and also for you to be able to move around it comfortably.

Cover the floor

If you have a hard floor or don't want to potentially damage your carpet it is good idea to lay a rug down or open out one of the cardboard boxes and lay it on the floor (be careful that it doesn't slip when you are walking on it). This will protect the floor and also the item of furniture you are about to assemble.

Allow enough time

Building flat pack furniture can take longer than you anticipate. You can usually find a time guide at the front of the instruction manual. This will give you a rough idea about how long it will take to build the item. If you don't assemble much flat pack furniture or do much DIY, you may find that it takes considerably longer to build than the instructions suggest.

Get a friend to help

This is especially true when building large items of furniture. Having an extra pair of hands should help to cut the build time significantly. They can help by holding awkward bits together whist you fix them.

Be sure to choose someone who you get on well with to help. Flat pack furniture can be frustrating to build and has been known to be the cause of many arguments.

Get an expert to assemble it for you

If like a lot of people, building flat pack furniture fills you with dread or you simply don't have the time or tools to do it yourself get and expert to do it for you. This way you know the furniture will be built correctly and will look and work exactly as it should, leaving you with a beautiful piece of furniture and not an eyesore. The best part is, you can sit back and relax. Plus there will be no chance of ending up in an argument with your other half!

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